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The Hayfield Civic Trust has produced a number of local interest publications which are available to purchase from:

- Hayfield News
- Shaw's
- Hayfield Information Centre
- New Mills Heritage Centre

To purchase from outside the area please email

Kinder People

Kinder People

Hayfield Civic Trust is delighted to announce the re-issue of Pam Gee's fascinating book 'Kinder People' which she first published in 1985.

Pam has lived in Hill Houses since 1959 and has always had a keen interest in the history of this area. With the help of neighbours, she has collected tales about families and farms in the Kinder Valley which reflect a way of life which has now vanished. Many of the details reflect the character and fortitude of these farming families, recounted in a most entertaining way.

The book can be obtained from Hayfield News or from Sheila Booth Tel. 01663 742872.

Price £3.50
Footpaths and Bridle Roads

A Walk Through Hayfield During The 1920s

A new publication for 2014. Follow George Cooper's childhood memories from Hallam's garage on new Mill's Road through the village, visiting shops along the way, reminiscing about their owners and a world where tuppence could buy you almost anything.

Price £2.50
Footpaths and Bridle Roads

Kinder Scout. Footpaths and Bridle Roads about Hayfield

A facsimile copy of a booklet first published in 1880, Superior Edition one shilling. Follow many of the same tracks today with our 'Superior Edition'.

Price £5
2 Short Walks Around Hayfield

Calico Trail and Datestone Trail

A twin pack of short walks around the village introducing some of Hayfield's older buildings as well as its industrial heritage. Supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund as part of the Calico Trail project.

Price £2.50
Hedfield To Hayfield

Hedfield To Hayfield

An anecdotal history of Hayfield from Domesday to the present day.

Price £2.99
Hayfield History Trail

Hayfield History Trail

An illustrated souvenir leaflet, guiding the visitor around interesting sites in the village centre. Winner of a Greenwatch Award in 2003.

Price £1.99

Hayfield I-Spy Trail

A treasure hunt style quiz which may be used in conjunction with the History Trail or alone.

Price £0.50

Click here for the answers to the I-Spy quiz.

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